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Medical Animation Studios

By May 30, 2022July 21st, 2022Medical Animation

How to Choose the Best Medical Animation Studios

medical animation studios

When choosing a Medical Animation Studios, you’ll want to ensure that they have a solid track record. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one for your needs:

DG Medical Animation

DG Medical Animation Studios was founded in New York City by David Grossman, who grew up in the Boston area. The company has 15 years of experience, a formidable client list, and extensive product marketing expertise. The firm caters to any budget and can deliver top-notch animations for any medical condition. The firm also works with 3D For Science, a leading global medical animation firm. The team includes highly-experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in science and medicine, resulting in a highly accurate final product.

Founded in 2009, Geometric medical is one of the most renowned 3d medical animation studios today. The company has a wide range of services, including the production of interactive medical training programs, animations, illustrations, and Apple(tm) devices apps. Founded by a single individual, this studio has grown to be one of the largest medical animation marketing firms in the world, serving clients across industries and disciplines. In addition to its impressive portfolio of animation projects, Geometric has won numerous prestigious industry awards and is an excellent choice for your medical animation needs.


Medical animations are a powerful tool to convey important information. While many people begin their medical search on the internet, they may not have the background needed to understand complicated medical terms and procedures. 3D animations can help prospective patients understand the various medications, treatments, and procedures that they may face. This information can be important for both the patient and the medical institution. Using 3D animations to explain a complex medical condition can be particularly effective for the latter group.

Medical animation studios use advanced techniques to create educational videos that help patients and medical professionals learn the ins and outs of a procedure. These videos can also explain pharmaceutical mechanisms of action. You can find them on doctor’s offices’ websites, online health websites, and even television shows. 3D medical animation studios can also create clips to show the details of cellular processes. These films can help explain cellular processes, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals.

Beard Boy Productions

With over two decades of experience, Beard Boy Productions is a top choice for your medical video production needs. With 3D medical animation and video production, they create engaging medical videos that communicate important information in a creative way. Their services range from initial consultation to complete project management, with the ability to output in any format. It’s portfolio includes work for hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies. Their client list includes leading pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

This company offers medical animations for a variety of audiences. Their team of animators and illustrators has extensive experience in making realistic medical illustrations that help viewers understand complex medical concepts. Their work has been recognized by multiple industry awards and has garnered the trust of many leading companies. Beard Boy Productions is proud to be a part of the medical animation industry and is proud of their exemplary reputation.

SGNY group

SGNY group is a New York based production company specializing in live-action and animated video production for Fortune 500 companies. Its team is highly experienced in animation, design, and production and has won multiple Clio awards. SGNY group’s work includes animation and live-action videos for health care content, including patient reviews, MOA animations, result reels, tutorials, and KOL videos.

Founded in 2009, IGW has grown from a small infographic animation company into a full-fledged medical animation studio. Their medical videos help make complex medical operations easier to understand. The company has over eleven years of experience in creating revolutionary 3D medical animations. Whether you need a simple explainer video for a new product or an intricate spinal treatment video, you’ll find a medical animation studio that’s right for you.

ICom Creative

ICom Creative medical animation studios are a top choice for clients needing high-quality animated content. From patient profiles to IFU videos, ICom Creative’s team provides a wide range of dynamic content solutions. From medical illustrations to corporate videos to tutorials, we help our clients create effective animation content that promotes their products and services. Our highly trained and creative team has a proven track record for producing high-quality medical illustrations.

Ghost productions is a high-class production house in Maplewood, Minnesota. They specialize in creating medical animations, illustrations, and training programs for a variety of medical clients. Ghost productions was founded in 2009 by a single individual, but it has since grown to be one of the leading medical animation marketing companies. Our team of animators has extensive backgrounds in science and can produce an accurate final product. We also offer medical animation services for judicial purposes.

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