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Medical Device Animation

By June 1, 2022July 18th, 2022Medical Animation

Medical Device Animation

If you’re looking to get your medical device animation project completed, you should start with a thorough analysis of existing materials, whether they’re printed out or stored digitally. Once these are approved, the medical device animation team will begin work on the animation sequence and the appearance of on-screen text, and the ratio between spoken words and written words. After the sequence is completed, dubbing will take place, and the medical device animation team follows industry-standard approval processes to ensure correct scientific work.

XVIVO Scientific animation _ Medical Device Animation

XVIVO Scientific Animation has been selected as the “Innovator of the Month” for December by U.S. Senator Chris Murphy. The Wethersfield, a CT-based company produces medical animations, scientific illustrations, and interactive science applications. Founded in 1996, XVIVO has worked with top researchers in the medical field for over 21 years. Its mission is to help people understand the scientific processes that are behind medical procedures.

Highly skilled and experienced medical animators make XVIVO Scientific’s medical device animations. This team is led by John Ross, a Harvard University/Biovisions animator and Lead Medical Animator of the company. Ross has over 20 years of experience creating scientific images and interactive 3D videos for a variety of clients. His biomedical animations inspire audiences and educate students.

AXS Studio

AXS Studio uses medically trained animators to develop animations for medical devices. The studio’s medical-trained animators hold an M.Sc. in Biomedical Communications, one of only four programs in North America accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Education Programs (CAAHEP). As a result, they have the knowledge and expertise to depict medical procedures in a more accurate and realistic manner than animators with no medical training. This gives your animations more credibility and value for money.

Insight Partner’s medical animation market report includes an in-depth analysis of key market players, their strategies, and SWOT analysis. The report also offers detailed market forecasts using reliable statistical methods. It includes primary and secondary research methodologies including interviews, surveys, and observation of renowned industry professionals. The report also includes an in-depth analysis of Porter’s 5 force model, which measures the impact of market dynamics. This report helps clients choose the best animation software for their needs.

Ghost productions

Located in Maplewood, Minnesota, Ghost productions creates illustrations, animations, and medical training programs. The company also offers a full range of medical animation marketing services. Founded in 2009 by a single individual, Ghost productions is the largest medical animation marketing firm in the world. It has worked with top brands and has a growing portfolio of medical animation projects. Read on to learn more about Ghost productions.

Whether you need an animation to explain a complex medical procedure or want to share an innovative technology with your employees, medical animation is the perfect tool. These videos will educate medical students and staff, help doctors and patients, and help consumers understand complex medical information in a way that’s both memorable and easy to understand. Ghost productions’ team of expert designers, medical illustrators, and animators will help you create a compelling and informative video for your next marketing campaign.


IGW is one of the most respected medical animation and infographic studios of 2009. Its medical videos help simplify complicated operations. For eleven years, IGW has created innovative 3D medical animations and infographics. We use the science of visual learning to produce highly effective marketing campaigns. Our video marketing experts collaborate with our clients to define their marketing goals, create engaging 3D animated videos, and implement these strategies into their online campaigns.

Medical device animations help illustrate the technology behind a new product. Instead of relying on printed materials, medical animation helps explain the utility of a product and the benefits of using it. Traditional brochures and sales materials often leave customers cold. Medical device animations are a highly effective way to demonstrate technology and ease of use. The content can be used in a variety of contexts, from fundraising presentations to sales pitches, website animations, and trade show booths. And because they can be delivered over the Internet and mobile devices, IGW medical animations can help a company cut its sales cycle by up to 50%.

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