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Medical Device Animation

Looking for medical device animation? Visualize products & procedures with the best medical device animations out there. Contact us today!

Medical Device Animation is often used to visualize products and procedures that have not been invented yet, at the clinical phase, or are at the selling and marketing phase. You want to attract people to engage with your device and educate them about its key differences, advances, features, and benefits.

Medical 3D Animation Company produces high-quality medical device animation and prototype animation videos that are scientifically accurate. These animated videos in general are used to explain complex concepts that you cannot communicate with live video due to the lack of anatomical accessibility, or Powerpoint or still medical/surgical illustrations.

Working With Us

Since 2007, the Medical 3D Animation Team at Austin Visuals has helped hundreds of clients explain their product advantages. We have a highly experienced team of 3D Animators that specialize in producing medical device animation.

Our creative directors and medical device strategists can help you create marketing messaging for your product, help you create storyboards, find professional narrators, and support you in defining your point-of-difference in the marketplace.

Trust the 3D medical animation experts to communicate your concept accurately and thoroughly the first time.

Our expertise in the medical field often allows you to communicate your concept very quickly to us versus other non-specialized animation studios.

Our goal is to produce stunningly accurate visuals that are a great representation of your medical device whether or not you’re able to provide us with design or 3D AutoCad files for your device.

Medical Device Investor – Focused Videos

Most key decision makers, investors, and marketing professionals value time highly. To get investor buy-in to a new product, medical device animation and prototype animation video can clearly define the purpose and prospects for your device or improvement. Maximize your moments with key decision-makers while holding their attention. Stand out from the competition. We can help you speak volumes in minutes with our 3D Medical Animation Services.

Medical Device Animation and Prototype Animation – Product Demonstration

Medical 3D Animation Company can digitize any medical technology and animate the purpose of the device in action. 3D Medical Device Animation services are often used for trade shows, product demos, education, and also in product liability cases. Medical implants can also be visualized to show where they will fit and align within the human body. 3D still image renders or 3D Medical Implant demonstration videos are often used in presentations, investor pitches, or as visual aides in areas of research.

Medical Device Animation for Marketing and Branding

Sometimes communicating your medical device concept to buyers with illustrations and still image sketches is not enough to explain a complex concept.  Your device benefits from still images alone. In a recent study performed by ReelSEO. Findings are that 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns, and videos. Under 1-minute hold 80% of viewers’ retention. People remember the information when they see an animated video because it tells a story that’s easy to understand and incorporates sights and sound. It engages many more senses than text or PowerPoint alone. Not to mention that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)

We are looking forward to speaking to you soon, earning your trust, deliver your product to the highest possible standard.

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