Medical Instructional Explainer Video


How do you tell patients what they want to know and need to know about the services you provide?  How do you set your services apart from similar health care facilities and organizations?  What can you do to make the consumer feel they’ve made the right choice by choosing YOU?  Do you often have to explain billing or admission policies and procedures over and over?

Do you have barriers to accessing your services because of consumer or patient misunderstandings or lack of clear information?  Do staff always relate information exactly the same way or do you have issues with important points being left out?

Answers To Healthcare Questions

The most effective way to answer these and the thousands of other questions consumers, visitors, and patients have related to treatment and access is often a well-written “explainer” or “how and why to” Medical Animation Explainer Video that can be placed on your website, viewed in private or with a clinician, or played in a waiting room.

Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of Austin Visuals Animation Studio, has helped many providers explain the complex with 3D and 2D “how and why to” videos.  These videos show situations so clearly they often do not need narration, and the images can be understood in any language.

Medical Animation Explainer Videos are especially effective with pediatric patients because they can replace something “scary” with something friendly and comforting.

Call us for a free consultation and let’s discover how a cost-effective individual or series of instructional or “how to why to” explainer videos can benefit your facility or organization and increase patient and consumer preference and satisfaction.

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