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3D Character Medical Animation – Welcome to the exciting world of Animation where any idea can be visualized. “Why use Characters in my explainer video?”, you might say. Many of our clients use characters in their animation to help keep viewers engaged.

Character Animation is more exciting and engaging than a standard Powerpoint Presentation. Also an interesting fact, although your presentation most times requires precision and accuracy, animated characters can be but don’t have to be bound by the laws of physics. Characters can jump, float, bounce, squash, and stretch as they move or interact with other objects, giving you another realm to design in while communicating your message.

Some of our clients represent a business that already has an established 2D illustrated Character Mascot. Often times our clients want us to take their existing 2D mascot, make him into a 3D character and have him teach a lesson, explain a concept, or deliver a message. Whether you have a need for 3D cartoon characters or 3D human based character to be created for your brand from scratch, or you already have characters that need to be animated, 3D Medical Animation Company has the experience and the expertise to make this happen for you.

Many options are available to you when requesting character animation. Hire 3D Medical Animation Company to tell your story and make it unforgettable. Our team will ensure your 3D character animation remains high quality and also remains medically accurate.

3D Character Medical Animation – Since 2007, 3D Medical Animation Company has been helping individuals and businesses in the healthcare field produce state-of-the-art presentations, tv commercials, web based product and service explainer videos. Our videos help clients train their employees more effectively and help healthcare professionals communicate their concepts and research findings.

Some ideas for how to use 3D Character Animation in your future healthcare projects:

  • Brand your projects with a spokes person. A spokesperson can communicate complex concepts for you.
  • Use your character on a series of future project and branding initiatives so your audience comes to identify your brand with the qualities or message of your character.
  • Jazz up a Powerpoint by adding some entertaining 3D Character Animation
  • Our company can pose this character and work with your printshop to deliver life-sized standing cut-outs of these characters. We can even go further and put these character images on stickers and other marketing collateral to fit your needs.
  • We also can turn you or a person of your choosing into a cartoon character. If they’ve always wanted to be a cartoon character, they can voice over their own character delivering lines.

3D Character Medical Animation – Remember we are the Healthcare Animation experts. If you have an idea but it needs refinement or if you are unsure if the idea is possible, we are here to help. Tell us about your project and we’ll start brainstorming ideas for you and guide you through the Animation Creation process.

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Request a quote HERE , call us (512) 591-8024 , email us [email protected] or you can sent us a quick message using the contact form below.

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