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3D animation

Hololens Contacts

By Medical Educational Animation

HoloLens Contacts Explained The hololens contacts can be worn as a contact lens. These lenses have a wireless connection and an eye tracker to help the user see clearly. HoloLens 2 has been on the market for about two years. The price hasn’t been set yet, but a few key features have been revealed so far. Here are the facts…

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Anatomy Illustrators

Crispr Cartoon

By Medical Animation

Crispr Cartoon Explains CRISPR Gene Editing Students in a class illustrating the CRISPR gene editing tool can use a Crispr Cartoon to explain the problem. The key molecules used in CRISPR tools are too large to travel through the human body. The students used an earlier cartoon to illustrate this problem. The cartoons, which were graded on understanding and communicating…

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Best VR Medical Apps

Scientific Animations

By Medical Animation

The Role of Story-Telling in Scientific Animations Scientists are turning to science animations to help explain complex scientific theories. A University of Utah researcher named Janet Iwasa is creating a comprehensive molecular animation model of the AIDS virus. Other leading researchers in the United States are participating in the project. The end result is a highly detailed molecular animation model…

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Nerve Impulse 3D Animation

By Medical Animation, Medical Educational Animation

Nerve Impulse 3D Animation A Nerve 3D impulse animation is an electrical phenomenon. It moves just as fast through the network of nerves inside your body as a lightning strike does. An action potential, or neurotransmitter, is a type of nerve impulse. The diameter of the fibres is the most important factor in the speed of transmission. In mammals, a…

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Medical animation

Creativity International Awards

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales

The Creativity International Awards Creativity International Awards (CIAs) honor outstanding design work from around the world. It is the longest running competition of its kind and is open to students and professionals from all over the world. Judged by a panel of advertising experts, the CIAs are an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and get recognition. Unlike other advertising…

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Medical devices animation

Medical Animation Company

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation, Uncategorized

Choosing a Medical Animation Company If you’re in the market for a medical animation, you’ve probably heard of XVIVO, Austin Visuals, Silverback Video, Scientific Animations, and other companies. These companies produce excellent animations for a range of medical conditions, from arthritis to cancer. However, you should be very careful when choosing a medical animation company. Some companies are better than…

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how much does it cost to make medical devices animation ?

Medical Animation Companies

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation

Medical Animation Companies If you want your audience to watch a video while learning about a new medical technique, consider hiring a medical animation company. Medical animation can help you deliver a professional-looking presentation and maintain a captive audience. It can also improve retention rates of information, since observers will retain the information for longer. Many medical animation companies have…

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3D Character Medical Animation

Creativity International Award

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation

How to Promote Your Creativity International Award The creativity international award has been honoring great design since 1970. This design competition accepts entries from established and up-and-coming designers alike. The awards make winners famous and promote winning entries. To promote your award, click on the promotion tab on the add award page. This article provides some tips to promote your…

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DotCOMM Awards

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation

DotCOMM Awards Honor Excellence in Web Creativity and Digital Communication The dotCOMM Awards recognize web creativity and digital communication excellence. Mediacurrent was recognized for its COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project, MagMutual video series, and Area Alert open source project. In addition, Mediacurrent received two gold awards for its efforts in this competition. This award-winning work was presented at a gala dinner…

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High Animation

By Animation Benefits, Animation Marketing Tips

Tips For Creating High Animation Not all animation is created equal. Some shows are more successful because they have more than one animation company producing it. Examples of this are Disney cartoons. Other shows are better than others because the main animation company is responsible for the character designs and the animation. A high-quality animation can differentiate between a show’s…

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