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Client Testimonials & Reviews | Medical 3D Animation Company

Medical 3D Animation Testimonials provide a unique way to share your story with others. Get started today by giving us a call!

Here are testimonials and reviews from some of our valued clients at Medical 3D Animation Company. Clients often share their feedback with us throughout our working relationship. Our priority is to meet and exceed the expectations and needs our Customers have for the work we do.


“To demonstrate new procedures, to train colleagues, or to teach patients; animation shows what video cannot. Everything is made clear and in perfect focus. The animation created for unique procedures I’m involved with have been invaluable and I recommend Medical 3D Animation Company and this Animation technique highly.”
-Uday Reebye, MD, DMD

“I chose this 3D Animation Company to visualize the deployment of the malaria vaccine in Africa. 3D Animation communicates complex ideas into simple language that can be understood universally by the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Science Foundation (NSF). I felt I got a lot more than I paid for.”
Bob Livosi ( Liaison for N.S.F. ) | Austin, TX


“The Team at Medical 3D Animation Company is very precise, knowledgeable, professional and I felt 100% at ease with them handling my 3d Medical graphics and design work. I STRONGLY recommend Austin Visuals. You will not be disappointed at all.”
-Marcus Phillips, RN | Houston, TX