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Pharmaceutical 3d animation – Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two, Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center researchers say. Twenty percent of patients are on five or more prescription medications, according to the findings. Almost none of them understand how the drugs work, what interactions to be wary of how OTC medications affect the efficacy of lowering lipids, controlling blood pressure, counteracting pain, or dealing with depression and a panoply of other health issues.

Ad spending soared more than 60 percent in the last four years, hitting $5.2 billion last year.  And there’s no sign it’s slowing. On the contrary: Nine prescription drugs are on pace to break $100 million worth of TV ad time this year. The result is many patients THINK they know what their doctor is prescribing and how it works. Worse, they may feel they SHOULD know, and don’t ask important questions.

The artists at Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of Austin Visuals Animation Studio, have created numerous pharmaceutical videos for large corporations and videos educating patients about interactions, dosage, and other important issues for private physician offices.  Some of these patient education animated videos cost as little as $4,500, making them as affordable as they are effective.

Affordable animated videos explain in a clever, memorable way EXACTLY what each individual physician wants his or her patients to know according to their practice protocols. 3D and 2D animation by Medical 3D Animation company can be inserted into a video featuring a clinician or become part of the practices website. Below is an example of our Medical Explainer 2D Animation Video Work.

Surgical Dental Procedure 3D Animation

Medical Syringe 3D Animation – 3D Visualization

Cancer Research Presentation for Asuragen

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