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Orthopedic 3D Animation

Looking for orthopedic 3D animation? We make custom video 3D animation to visualize complex orthopedic procedures & devices. Call us!

Do you know what your prospective patients are looking for, and how they’re getting information?

Yes, some of it comes “the old-fashioned way” from the primary care and general practitioners in your referral network, or from ER physicians.  But, more and more, the people who will come to you as patients or send patients to you are going to the internet for information.

If you Google “How To Choose An Orthopedic Surgeon”, you’ll find recommendations with links to website resources for data and information including:

  • Research Credentials
  • Consider Experience
  • Consider Gender
  • Research the Hospital or Surgical Center where they practice
  • Evaluate Communication Styles
  • Do They Evidence a Sincere Concern for Your Well Being
  • Review Ratings, Patient Comments and Satisfaction
  • Know What Insurance Plan they are on

Top-notch 3D Orthopedic Animation

Don’t let them search alone!  Help them find YOU. 

We can help you BE where all those future patients are.  We can help you create informative, educational, warm, memorable, and persuasive videos.

We’re a Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of Austin Visuals Animation Studio, and we are experts in patient information, documenting, and demonstrating complex surgical procedures.

We make custom video 3D animation to visualize complex medical procedures, devices such as 3D orthopedic animation.

What sets us apart is that we’re also experienced at making people care about practices, specialties, and individual physicians by telling your story in a unique and compelling way.

For a very modest investment you can become the answer to the question:  Which Orthopaedic Surgeon Should I Choose.

Have a Project You’d Like to Discuss?

Let us show you how an animated video for your office, the internet, or patient conferences can prove why you’re the better choice.

Request a quote HERE, call us for a free consultation, email us, or you can sent us a quick message using the contact form below.

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