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By July 10, 2022July 17th, 2022Medical Animation

VR Surgery For Surgeons

vr surgery

VR surgery can benefit from virtual patients. Virtual patients can help surgeons gain experience, practice different techniques, and refresh their skills. Mistakes made on virtual patients do not affect the real patient, so the training can benefit both parties. Robotic surgery also helps surgeons reduce risks, including blood loss, infection, and recovery time. With VR technology, surgeons are more confident when it comes to the complexities of surgery. For these reasons, vr surgery has become a popular option for doctors.

Surgical Theater _ VR Surgery

Using a VR system, Surgical Theater surgeons can view their patients’ anatomy through a three-dimensional virtual reality experience. The three-dimensional aspect of these images correlates to real-time microscopic views. The increased accuracy of the surgical view and patient satisfaction are key benefits of Precision VR. The technology also helps the hospital improve financial performance. Here are some of the benefits of VR in the Surgical Theater.

Osso VR

Osso VR is a virtual reality training simulation that bridges the gap between the classroom and the operating table by providing a realistic experience in a safe and virtual environment. The immersive training environment allows future surgeons to hone their skills and minimize risks in an environment that is more closely simulated. It also shows how surgical error can be reduced and clinical safety improved. Here are some of the benefits of Osso VR surgery simulation.


The latest breakthrough in virtual reality surgery, Varjo VR, is available for doctors to use during complex procedures. Osgenic, a company that manufactures VR headsets, is training surgeons in complex procedures using these simulations. The resolution of the Varjo headsets is equivalent to that of the human eye. The surgeons can view their work on the same scale as a real-life patient. For surgeons, this means that it’s much easier to visualize the results of complex surgeries.

ImmersiveTouch Surgical Plan Platform

ImmersiveTouch is a medical technology company with proprietary image-guided VR/AR surgical planning platforms. The company has entered into a strategic collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to develop and commercialize its virtual reality surgical planning platform and intra-operative augmented reality surgical navigation technology. At the AAOS annual meeting, the company will demonstrate its VR technology for orthopedic procedures. The company’s mission is to improve surgical performance by empowering surgeons with increased precision, consistency and safety in the operating room.


A new virtual reality surgical platform could revolutionize the operating room. A new device called the CommandEP system from SentiAR will help surgeons visualize and navigate the heart during cardiac surgery. The system will be FDA cleared by the end of 2019.

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