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Summit Creative Awards

Summit Creative Awards

Many audience-specific marketing campaigns have won the Summit Creative Awards. As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, the need for creative entries continues to be paramount. Entries can address any number of social issues, from the global crisis to the changing consumer, and they can focus on a specific audience. The deadline for entries is May 15, and they can include any media, as long as the entry addresses the issue. The age ranges are approximate and subject to change. In the case of the awards, entries can address the issue from different perspectives.

MultiVu’s custom brand campaign _ summit creative awards

Summit Creative Awards recognize the best advertising and marketing projects created by small and mid-size agencies around the world. During this 28-year competition, companies from around the world submitted 4,100 entries, which were judged based on 18 major categories. The Summit Creative Awards recognize the work of small and mid-size agencies that use original ideas to reach the most target audiences. MultiVu’s custom brand campaign won seven awards in four different categories, including Best of Show.

Matcha Design’s custom brand campaign

The team behind the award-winning custom brand campaign from Matcha Design has taken home another Bronze Award from the Summit Creative Awards. The prestigious awards program recognizes superior creative, marketing, and advertising work. The competition is rigorous and has strict criteria, with the winning entries evaluated on a number of factors. These factors include creative ability, concept strength, big idea, message targeting, honing, execution, and persuasiveness.

The winning custom brand campaign is called ‘!xNB’. Using this design, the company was able to create a memorable, eye-catching logo that would make a statement about its brand. Featuring an iconic brand image and a reimagined logo, this custom brand campaign has earned Matcha Design several summit creative awards. Matcha is a leader in the global design community, and many different industries recognize their work.

Miller Systems’ audience-specific marketing campaign

A Miller Systems audience-specific marketing campaign has won the Summit Creative Awards for 2015. The creative campaign, which included a social media component, increased the company’s brand awareness and generated significant customer loyalty. The marketing campaign designs to target specific demographics and increase sales for the company, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue. The campaign was developed in partnership with Miller Systems’ sales team to increase the company’s sales in a particular demographic.

The Summit Creative Awards honors the creative team at Miller Systems for their work on the MITX website. The company’s campaign selects the best entry in its category from a field of 5,000 submissions. In addition to the website, the winning team was recognized for its overall marketing and communication strategy. The winning campaign builds to target a specific demographic and provide the company with an unmatched level of customer satisfaction.

The Summit Creative Awards has been celebrating the creative work of small and mid-sized marketing agencies for over 28 years. The competition is unique in that it recognizes small and medium-sized companies, which often do not have the resources and experience of large advertising agencies. However, these smaller companies have managed to produce outstanding advertising, which is often ignored in creative competitions. The Summit Creative Awards remove these common barriers to entry and a highly-respected panel of expert judges to allow the work of the small and medium-sized firm. The winners of the award can broadcast their achievements far and wide.

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