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By September 2, 2016July 21st, 2022Animation Benefits, Animation Marketing Tips

In 1987 “Innerspace” startled imaginations and won an Academy Award for special effects when the movie showed Dennis Quaid and other scientists traveling through the mysteries of the human body.

Thirty years later, the special effects in the movies have advanced beyond any comparison to this film.   3D Medical Animation has advanced by light years. Early medical animations were limited to basic wire-frame models because of low processor speed. However, rapid evolution in microprocessor design and computer memory has led to animations that are significantly more intricate.

Today, using the latest computer technology in special effects and  3D animation, Medical 3D Animation Company artists visualize the “mysteries” of the human body on an almost daily basis.


We also depict new medical/surgical devices in action, illustrate how pharmaceuticals disperse and benefit patients, introduce new techniques and procedures to practitioners, and create patient education materials.



3D Animation from Medical 3D Animation Company is budget-friendly. And it is often used to show what a camera could never see.  You may be familiar with 3D Animation used to teach surgical techniques or introduce prototypical devices. More and more inventors and innovators are using our 3D Animation to augment lectures and presentations to investors and at conferences.

Signal transduction

Find out What Medical 3D Animation Company’s MEDICAL ANIMATIONS CAN DO FOR YOU Contact us directly at [email protected] or call for a free consultation at (512) 591-8024.

Specifically about how we:

  • Educate practitioners and patients about new practices and procedures
  • Introduce your product and medical innovation
  • Communicate with your investors
  • Enhance your presentations
  • Show pharmaceutical interactions
  • Demonstrate dental procedures

Medical 3D Animation Company’s methods of developing high-end visuals and dynamic content that focuses on product and service benefits deliver educational, engaging, and memorable information.  We work under NDAs and keep all graphics and your information in our vault-like secure server.  If you need to train professionals, introduce a product, emphasize a benefit, or market a service. Then, a Medical 3D Animation Company is the custom professional 3D company you need.

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