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educational medical 3d animation

Medical animation - AVERAGE IPD

Creativity International Awards

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales

The Creativity International Awards Creativity International Awards (CIAs) honor outstanding design work from around the world. It is the longest-running competition of its kind and is open to students and professionals from all over the world. Judged by a panel of advertising experts, the CIAs are an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and get recognition. Unlike other advertising competitions,…

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Medical devices animation

Medical Animation Company

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Choosing a Medical Animation Company If you’re in the market for a medical animation, you’ve probably heard of XVIVO, Austin Visuals, Silverback Video, Scientific Animations, and other companies. These companies produce excellent animations for a range of medical conditions, from arthritis to cancer. However, you should be very careful when choosing a medical animation company. Some companies are better than…

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how much does it cost to make medical devices animation ?

Medical Animation Companies

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation

Medical Animation Companies If you want your audience to watch a video while learning about a new medical technique, consider hiring a medical animation company. Medical animation can help you deliver a professional-looking presentation and maintain a captive audience. It can also improve retention rates of information, since observers will retain the information for longer. Many medical animation companies have…

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Videographer Awards

By Medical Animation, Medical Device Sales, Medical Educational Animation

Videographer Awards, Communicator Awards, and Telly Awards If you love videography, you’ll be happy to know that the 25th annual Videographer Awards are now available to watch online. You can also check out the winners of the Communicator Awards and the Telly Awards for advertising excellence. Here’s a quick rundown of the winners of the most popular video awards: Winners…

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3d-rendering-blood vessels- heart-vein-3d-medical-animation-company-austin-visuals-animation-studio


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In 1987 “Innerspace” startled imaginations and won an Academy Award for special effects when the movie showed Dennis Quaid and other scientists traveling through the mysteries of the human body. Thirty years later, the special effects in the movies have advanced beyond any comparison to this film.   3D Medical Animation has advanced by light years. Early medical animations were limited…

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Medical Surgical 3D Animation as an Educational Tool

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3D Medical Educational Animation is a vital educational and marketing tool. Physician innovators, inventors, pharmaceutical developers, manufacturers and representatives, and anatomical instructors use 3D to help train future doctors, surgeons, and dentists and provide valuable information to those already in practice who are seeking information and devices to improve their patient care and practices,  3D goes beyond education and helps market…

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