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By July 19, 2022Medical Animation

FIBULINK Implants For Syndesmosis Injuries

The FIBULINK system is a revolutionary implant for traumatic syndesmosis injuries that helps to restore physiologic motion to the ankle. It is the first fusion system with an innovative, high-strength suture bridge, eliminating potential complications that often accompany screws that break during the syndesmosis repair process. DePuy Synthes claims the FIBULINK system is the only flexible syndesmosis repair system available today. The implant’s adjustable design enables surgeons to customize the final gap between the tibia and fibula.

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System

The FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair Systems combines the advantages of screw fixation and suture flexibility to eliminate broken screws during syndesmosis repair procedures. Unlike traditional suture buttons, this system eliminates the need for medial incisions and elongation. It also offers 71 percent less elongation, eliminating soft tissue entrapment. FIBULINK is compatible with all current DePuy Synthes distal fibula plates.

Radial Head Replacement System

The DePuy Synthes Radial Head Replacement System has been approved for use in destabilized radial head fractures. It features side loading spacers, a sterile implant, and single-use instrument kits that reduce operating room time and cost. Its revolutionary design incorporates radiolucent trials, which allow surgeons to determine the correct implant height without removing the implant over again.

Compatible With Any Distal Fibula Plate Hole

The Posteromedial Distal Tibia Plate is a low-profile distal fibula plate that sits under the posterior tibial tendon. This plate features a low-profile distal cluster of 2.7 mm hexalobe screws, and functions like a one-third tubular plate. Both of these plates are used to treat distal fibular fractures that result from osteotomies or vertical shear fractures of the medial malleolus.

High Fixation Strength

The FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System was designed to provide three times the fixation strength of the TightRope XP while allowing physiological motion. The FIBULINK implant spans the distance between the medial and lateral sides of the fibula. This short suture bridge eliminates the need to make lengthy incisions in the tibia, which can increase the risk of tunnel widening, fixation instability, and changes in syndesmosis gap.

Minimal Medial Incision

The FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System is designed to eliminate the need for a medial incision, thereby minimizing the risk of soft tissue entrapment and interruption. The system offers the unique combination of flexible fixation and no need for penetration of the medial cortex. Available in titanium and stainless steel, the FIBULINK is a single-use surgical kit, which requires minimal postoperative care.

Postoperative Edema

In the United States, DePuy Synthes launched the FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System, a device that replaces syndesmotic screws with a short, high-strength suture bridge. This system allows the surgeon to fine-tune tension during surgery, reducing postoperative edema and decreasing the risk of broken syndesmotic screws. Unlike other devices, FIBULINK allows surgeons to reverse the tension of the suture during surgery to create an optimal final gap between the fibula and tibia.

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