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By July 1, 2022July 17th, 2022Medical Animation

A Closer Look at the Fibulink Syndesmosis Repair System

fibulink synthes

Those suffering from ankle injuries may be interested in the Fibulink Synthes repair system, a new device from DePuy Synthes. It provides three times the fixation strength of an average distal fibula plate. Its other benefits include eliminating medial side complications, which are a common consequence of ankle fractures. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Fibulink Syndesmosis Repair System.

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System

The FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair Systems offers a combination of flexible fixation and anatomically correct placement of syndesmotic screws. These innovations eliminate the need for a separate medial incision for syndesmosis repair surgery and reduce the risks of broken syndesmosis screws. In addition, the flexible suture bridge eliminates problems associated with traditional fixation methods such as broken screws, medial soft tissue disruption, and a lack of two-way tension control.

The FIBULINK system was introduced by DePuy Synthes in the U.S. last year after the company acquired the technology from Akros Medical Inc. This system is the first to incorporate a short, high-strength suture bridge to avoid complications associated with broken screws. The flexible connection also allows surgeons to fine-tune the tension on the suture during the surgery, ensuring the optimal final gap between the fibula and tibia.

Compatible With All DePuy Synthes Distal Fibula Plates

A DePuy Synthes distal femur plate is compatible with all other brands. This is a titanium and stainless steel plate. It is available in different sizes to fit all sizes of fibula. The 2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP Distal Fibula Plate is part of the LCP System, which merges locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques. The distal fibula plate is indicated for nonunion of the diaphyseal and metaphyseal parts of the fibula.

This device is available in stainless steel or titanium and is a single-use kit. Compatible with all DePuy Synthes distal fibula plates, FIBULINK provides superior biomechanical performance with up to three times the fixation strength of a metal plate and 71 percent less elongation. Compared to traditional distal fibula plates, the FIBULINK requires no medial incision and accepts a standard 4 mm cortex screw.

Provides Three Times Higher Fixation Strength

In a bench test of its syndesmosis repair system, a FIBULINK implant provided three times greater fixation strength compared to a competing product, the Arthrex Syndesmosis TightRope XP. This new implant combines flexible fixation with a single lateral incision to increase procedural efficiency. Unlike conventional implant systems, FIBULINK offers sterile, single-use kits and implants that are compatible with all existing DePuy Synthes distal fibula plates.

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System combines the strengths of screw fixation and suture flexibility in a single implant, enabling precise anatomical fixation and eliminating the need for hardware. It also provides 71 percent less elongation, eliminating the need for medial incisions and soft tissue entrapment. The implant is compatible with all standard DePuy Synthes distal fibula plates and is compatible with any plate hole that accepts a 4 mm cortex screw.

Eliminates Medial Side Complications

The FIBULINK distal fibula implant has been designed to reduce the chance of complications associated with traditional tibia surgery. The system can be used to repair fractures in the distal fibula and is compatible with all DePuy Synthes distal fibula plates and any plate hole that can accept a four-mm cortex screw. This system delivers superior biomechanical performance, provides three-fold stronger fixation, and reduces elongation up to 71 percent. This revolutionary technique also eliminates the need for medial incisions. This unique fixation concept also limits interference between medial malleolar screws and the tibia.

The FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System eliminates the need for an extensive medial incision and soft tissue disruption. It also provides two-way tension control, which reduces the risk of soft tissue entrapment and disruption. The system is also available in titanium and stainless steel implants, which are sterile, single-use kits. In addition, it does not require anesthesia, thereby reducing the chance of infection.

Available In Stainless Steel Or Titanium

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System is an innovative surgical procedure that combines the advantages of suture and screw fixation. Its unique flexible suture bridge eliminates the possibility of broken syndesmosis screws and addresses the limitations of traditional suture button constructs. FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System implants can be used with any fibula plate. Unlike traditional suture buttons, FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System implants can be sterile and come in single-use kits.

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System is a single-use device that treats traumatic syndesmosis injuries and restores ankle physiologic motion. Compared to other implant systems, FIBULINK Syndesmosis System offers short high-strength suture bridge and has biomechanical superiority. It provides three times the fixation strength and 71 percent less elongation in a model with poor bone quality.

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