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By June 27, 2022July 21st, 2022Medical Animation

DVR Crosslock

dvr crosslock

The DVR(r) Crosslock has evolved over the last 10 years to offer advanced anatomical design and improved fijacion options, as well as customized instrumentation. It has also been optimized to provide accuracy, stability, and precision in fijacion of fractures. The DVR(r) Crosslock is also easy to use and is ideal for both the novice and the expert, and its versatility is unmatched.

Distal Radius Plate _ DVR Crosslock

This System is an anatomically designed implant that address the challenge of distal radius fractures. It has a long clinical heritage, spanning more than 10 years, and is continually improving its fixation and instrumentation technologies. This System’s streamlined instrumentation and cross-locking oblique screws offer improved fixation options and reduced complication rates. It also features a visual distinction between the left and right plates.

The DVR Crosslock System is a unique intraoperative fixation system designed to treat fractures in the distal radius. It design reduces the complexity of internal fracture fixation and improve operating room productivity. The device features Biomet’s DVR Crosslock implant. The single-use design of the DVR Crosslock implant and instrumentation enables physicians to focus on patient-specific surgical needs, while reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Volar Rim Plate

The DePuy DVR(r) volar locking plate is a highly versatile and biomechanically stable device introduced in 2001. The DVR crosslock system now comes in seven sizes, which makes it ideal for use in patients with varying bone structures. Its oblong and locking holes custimzes a single drill bit. Additionally, the DVR system features color-coded implants so surgeons can easily identify which one is needed for the patient’s particular anatomy.

The DVR crosslock system uses a fix for the distal radius fracture without the need for bone graft. The system has several limitations, however, and requires a highly trained hand to perform. One of them is the need for a small DVR plate and is not suitable for all types of fractures. Another disadvantage of the Crosslock system is its lack of an intermediate column minimal plate. However, the DVR crosslock system is a viable option for fractures of the distal radius.

Wrist Plate

The DVR Crosslock Distal Radial Plate, Volar Rim Plate, and Wrist Plates are components of the DVR plating system. It’s plates follow the watershed line, avoid penetration into the joint, and contain distal fragments. The DVR plates contours intraoperatively and at the bridge region. Patients with underlying osteoporosis and avascular necrosis are not candidates for the DVR plate.

The DVR Crosslock Plate design alleviated the challenges of distal radius fractures. Its anatomical design respects the watershed line, and its k-wire-targeted, intersecting pegs create a three-dimensional scaffold. The articulating surface of the plate supports the DVR Crosslock plate’s cross-locking oblique screws, which enhance insertion and removal characteristics. It also includes visual distinction between the left and right plates.

ePAK Single-Use Delivery System

Biomet Inc., a leader in orthopaedics and biotechnology, recently launched a new single-use delivery system for DVR Crosslock implant. The device design maximizes productivity by reducing costs, minimizing patient discomfort, and improving the efficiency of procedures. This pre-sterilized system offers an innovative, patient-friendly delivery system for fixating a distal radius fracture.

The DVR ePAK sterile system contains a full set of surgical instruments and screws for orthopedic fixation. The DVR Wrist ePAK system intends for joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones and distal radius fractures. CleanCut Technologies LLC. manufactures The DISK. It is available in single-use and reusable versions. These single-use delivery systems are suitable for patients with osteoporosis or a distal radius fracture.

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