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DotCOMM Awards Honor Excellence in Web Creativity and Digital Communication

dotcomm awards

The dotCOMM Awards recognize web creativity and digital communication excellence. Mediacurrent was recognized for its COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project, MagMutual video series, and Area Alert open source project. In addition, Mediacurrent received two gold awards for its efforts in this competition. This award-winning work was presented at a gala dinner in Los Angeles. The winners of the competition are presented with certificates. For more information, visit


This year’s dotCOMM Awards honor excellence in web creativity and digital communication. Mediacurrent’s work was recognized for three different projects: the COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project, the MagMutual video series, and the Area Alert open-source project. The company received two gold awards in this year’s competition. Mediacurrent’s award-winning projects have won countless accolades for their success and impact.

VISIT Milwaukee

The VISIT Milwaukee website was recently awarded Platinum status at the dotCOMM Awards, which are given to websites that showcase creativity in digital communication. The site, designed by Hanson Dodge, won in the Travel category and focused on elevating the perception of the city, as well as highlighting the “random spirit” of its residents. It features powerful new tools for users, including neighborhood tour functionality. VISIT Milwaukee is proud to be a Platinum winner of the dotCOMM Awards, and we wish them all the best!


In 1998, Qualcomm Incorporated won a Most Valuable Product award from PC Computing, a Ziff-Davis publication. The Q phone beat out Motorola’s StarTAC 6500 in the category. The company was also recognized for its exemplary corporate citizenship. The company was recently awarded the prestigious “Qualcomm Way” for its innovative technology and outstanding contributions to the world. Qualcomm’s innovative technology has made countless lives easier, and it is now an industry leader in mobile phone design and development.

The dotCOMM Awards celebrate digital communication and web creativity. This annual competition is judged by a panel of professionals in the marketing, advertising, public relations, and media production industries. The judging panel considers creativity, innovation, and marketing strategy. The winners are chosen from among the most impressive campaigns and web projects in a wide variety of categories. The dotCOMM Awards showcase the best of the best in digital communication and web creativity.

Qualcomm’s 5G sales funnel

The company is betting big on 5G in the mmWave band, which opens up new opportunities for high-resolution content streaming and cloud-based gaming, such as Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Qualcomm’s ties with Microsoft and Apple have only been strengthened, but it’s looking good for the future. Its 5G chips are proving to be highly successful in the automotive and consumer markets.

Snapdragon chip sales are up significantly as well. China’s 5G smartphones will account for 60% of overall sales in the fourth quarter of 2020. Qualcomm, which specializes in 5G chips in the region, is enjoying a resurgence in the mobile phone market. In fact, it’s expected that Qualcomm will grow its smartphone sales by 12 percent annually through 2024, as more companies move to 5G-capable devices.

Qualcomm’s social media strategy

Digital Trends, a world-class independent technology publication, has announced three wins at the dotCOMM Awards 2020. The awards honor the best in web creativity and digital communication. Judges from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals determine which projects deserve the top honor. Digital Trends’ win in the Platinum Award category for collaboration with Qualcomm is a great example of how to leverage digital media to advance business goals.

B3 Medical

BrandMinded revamped B3 Medical’s social media, blogging, and digital presence strategy. The sports medicine clinic has six Tampa Bay clinics and a digital audience that spans from elite athletes to injured workers to 95-year-old osteoarthritis patients. It was this strategic approach to marketing that earned the company the Dotcomm awards. The company is a top performer among Tampa Bay companies and is well-received by its audience.


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