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MOA Medical Animation Company

By June 9, 2021July 19th, 2022Animation Marketing Tips

MOA from gross anatomy to cellular interaction _ Medical Animation Company

Are you looking for a 3D Medical Animation Company to visualize your MOA project? Look no further, for over 14 years Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of, has been serving medical clients globally to visualize their MOA and pharmacology project needs.

Animation of mechanisms of action (MOA) is an effective medium for the visualization and medical animation of molecular activity for a medical company. Modus-of-action animations (MOAs) explain how drugs and medical devices work in the body to treat diseases and improve health outcomes.

MOA Medical Animation Company

3D Medical animation videos are used to explain complicated scientific concepts to patients, doctors, scientists, and other listeners. Medical animations are also used to inform healthcare professionals about new research concepts, disease progression, and treatment. In the medical industry, the animation is optimized for applications such as patient education, drug action mechanisms, surgical planning and training, cellular and molecular studies, and much more.

Accurate depiction of MOA from gross anatomy to cellular interaction _ Medical Animation Company

The key question that arises when a new company or brand wants to integrate 3D animated videos into their marketing mix. The complexity of the project plays a key role in the total cost of producing a 3D medical animated video. There’s a lot of work that goes into a 1-minute animated video, which can drive up animation prices.

When done right, 3D animations can be applied to different sectors of the healthcare industry by integrating scientific research, advertising campaigns, broadcasts, employee training, and patient communication. Rely on 3D medical animation service providers who work closely with medical professionals to ensure that the end result is a true representation of reality. The 3D animators at are trained in biology and anatomy and know how to bring science into life through animation.

Use Medical 3D Animation Company for Accurate Realistic Looking Molecular Animation Videos (MOA)

Here is an example of Medical 3D Animation Company’s work, a division of

We have built some of the most beautiful and engaging molecular/cellular animations for clients working in diverse areas of medicine, dentistry and pharmacology, such as:

  • Cardiovascular 3D Simulation and Animation
  • Neurology 3D Visualization
  • Dermatology Medical Animation
  • Ophthalmology 3D Animation
  • Medical Procedures
  • Dentistry and oral diseases
  • Laser therapy
  • Medical devices Healthcare 3D Animation
  • Orthopedics 3D Animation
  • Peripheral vascular medicine 3D Visualization
  • Pharmaceutical 3D Animation
  • Surgery Animation
  • Virology Animation

During the COVID-19 crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, news channels used MOA animations to explain how the coronavirus works and how vaccines work. You can use MOA videos to communicate with a wide range of audiences, and the content can be adapted to any viewer’s understanding. Healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and charities commission MOA videos.

The medical animation market will reach $301.3 million by 2021 and grow by 20.8% over the forecast period 2016-2021. Market growth is mainly due to the increasing adoption of medical animations by pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, the entry of start-ups into the growing pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries, the increasing adoption of smartphones, tablets and other mobile platforms and the increasing number of geriatric patients associated with a growing number of surgeries.

Medical animations entertain the audience and help observers to retain the information. Animation transmits complex medical and scientific information in a simplified way for better understanding.

3d Pharmacology Animation

Whiteboard animations are inexpensive to produce because the level design is kept simple. Medical professionals can stay up to date with medical techniques, procedures and treatments provided by medical animation companies.

MOA Medical Animation Company

Start a project today with our animation company MOA. Pharmacological animation, also known as mechanism of action (MOA), is an animation that arose from research into the science of pharmaceutical drugs, including their origin, properties, therapeutic value and effects on humans and other living organisms.

MOA animation is an effective medium for the visualization of molecular and cellular concepts in pharmacology and chemical medicine. MOA multimedia animations are the perfect tool to show complex pharmaceutical mechanisms of action in interactive pharmaceutical presentations. The creativity of our talented staff who harness the power of 3D visualization software to produce pharmacological MOA videos that show processes that are difficult or impossible to see or explain in real life.

Attracting and retaining attention is a crucial facet of communicating your message. In an environment of intense visual competition such as Internet content and trade shows, we need to create the greatest value for our pharmaceutical customers in order to attract attention and understanding. We are currently working on Go Show, which acts as a pharmaceutical animation.

Our animation company MOA brings together our experience and expertise to serve as a strategic resource and partner to many customers. We create compelling and engaging presentations that attract your target audience and keep their attention through dynamic 3D animations. In order for pharmacological MOA animations to show precise mechanisms of action, our animations must be precise, well-modeled, detailed and realistic. The team of experts at MoA Animation is highly skilled in creating 3D animations and models in virtual reality, and we make videos of pharmacological actions at the molecular and cellular levels.

MOA Animation _ Medical Company

Our team at MOA Animation has extensive knowledge of human anatomy, biology and microbiology. They understand complex biochemical processes and pharmacological interactions. Our molecular animations allow your viewers to see how your drug affects the body at a microscopic level. For pharmaceuticals, our animations are site-specific in certain scales and show the mechanisms of action in different scales.

MOA Medical Animation Company

You can present your pharmaceutical animation as a cartoon, advertisement, presentation or demonstration. Virtual reality and augmented reality expand the interactivity of animation. Interactive pharmacological videos make it possible to zoom in on different perspectives and viewpoints. 3D animations in pharmacology can help a variety of target groups to learn and understand pharmacology on their terms. It is useful for FDA applications, trainings, conferences, trade shows and other marketing purposes.

Due to the high level of public interest and engagement, we produce material that attracts the interest of the public and keeps the audience’s attention through our use of vibrant colors, stylish designs and effective presentation until the end.

Your audience will be less weary of the presentation if it takes just a few minutes, as opposed to hours of old textbook slideshows that last forever. Where appropriate, we incorporate narrative pharmacology and cartoon characters to better relate the information to each other. Increased understanding and restraint: Students, patients, and other viewers absorb information presented in animated medical videos much faster than they receive from text-based media (in fact, 60,000 times faster). In contrast to conventional videos, they are 19% more likely to understand and retain the information.

MOA Virtual Reality (VR) Capabilities Available

You want investors, patients and buyers to remember you and your product when it’s time to make decisions. Investors won’t feel comfortable backing you if they don’t know what you’re offering. Sales staff will not market your product if they do not feel they have enough information to deliver the right tone. Enhanced Enthusiasm and Confidence: This applies to anyone who considers your mechanism of action animation pharmacology cartoon. Patients themselves may not understand their condition, but certain medications can help them if they have adequate explanations.

When you include medical illustrations in your animations, you create a coordinated and unified brand that attracts buyers. The high return on investment is an advantage considering that our interactive pharmaceutical animation offers a higher ROI than alternative options. You will receive high-resolution images of our 3D medical device animations for use in print materials, websites and other marketing products.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most advanced technologies in the interactive medium of pharmaceutical animation. VR involves using virtual experiences that are built from the ground up. VR creates an immersive 360-degree environment. Immersion and exploration in VR allows your audience to view your molecular animations in a way that wasn’t possible before. Your pharmacological animations come to life when you adapt them to VR.

In its simplest form, VR media is a 360-degree video that broadens the viewer’s horizons. You can click and drag images and videos to view them from multiple angles. A VR headset detects a person’s head movement and translates it into motion in the virtual world. Media implemented in headsets take VR and its exploration capabilities to the next level.

VR is compatible with a wide range of technological developments thanks to its modernity. The technology that suits VR is advanced rendering, high resolution and tactile technology. If you ask us to adapt your content to these technologies, you will get more realistic results.

Crisp visuals and dynamic effects

Crisp visuals and dynamic effects can make it difficult to distinguish between experience and reality. However, with the tools at your disposal, you can make the experience you want. In haptic technology, tactile devices are used to interact with pharmaceutical animations.

Your audience gets more control over how they experience your MOA VR animation. For example, you can show the state of each cell how it interacts with the drug by pressing a button. If you make your media compatible with tactile technology, your audience can change their world with one click. If you use these devices, you will see how the medicine is administered in real time.

Pharmacology Animations

Our pharmaceutical VR animation works on some of the most prominent platforms available. If you want headset capabilities, we’ve made it visible on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others. You can watch YouTubeVR and Vimeo 360 videos without a headset.

With this advanced platform, you can also teach your viewers to understand pharmacology. Ask us for more information on these options.

We work with customers in the medical industry to develop tailor-made solutions that exactly meet their requirements. From our extensive experience since 1994, we have learned that customization and customer involvement can help generate better materials than a one-size-fits-all approach. Even if you have no experience with animation software, we will meet with you and collect input throughout the process. We want to get the results you want right from the start, so we have provided you with streamlined production and inspection tools.

Realistic and Accurate 3D Modeling for Stunning Presentations

Our MOA animation team at Medical 3D Animation Company has vast knowledge of human anatomy, microbiology, and biology. For sales videos, and explainer video animations, they sometimes require showing cellular and biochemical interactions. Fortunately the team at has been creating 3D Medical Animation for over 14 years.

We are a strategic resource partner for your company and look forward to working with you on your next 3D MOA pharmacology animation project. Whether you use interactive pharmacology to provide medical students with in-depth content. Creating medicine through animations, or convincing potential investors to support your innovative development process. We have developed a high-quality solution. Choose Ghost Productions. You will receive a free quote and proposal to make sure the work fits your budget.


Choose Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of, for your MOA Animation and Interactive Media. We can be a strategic resource partner for your organization. And would be delighted to work on your next 3D MOA pharmacology animation project. When you choose Medical 3D Animation Company, you’ll get free project estimates and proposals to ensure the work fits within your budget. Contact us today [email protected] or email [email protected] , or call us +1-512-591-8024