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Dermatology Jokes Cartoons

By May 21, 2022August 11th, 2022Medical Animation

Dermatology Jokes Cartoons

dermatology jokes cartoons

You can find dermatology jokes cartoons almost anywhere. In the movie Match Day, Lexie Carter’s dermatologist repeatedly called her Aunt Jemima. In a similar vein, “Aunt Jemima” has been called a racial slur. This joke may not be a real insult. Regardless, it’s a classic – and one that’s sure to make you laugh out loud.

Lexie Carter’s dermatologist repeatedly called her Aunt Jemima

Dr. James Turner, a dermatologist in Memphis, Tennessee, has apologized to a young woman named Lexie Carter for repeatedly calling her “Aunt Jemima.” The name of the cartoon character reflects stereotypes about Black people and comes from a minstrel show. Dr. Turner’s comments sparked outrage, prompting her to file a complaint with the state medical board.

The claims came to light in mid-March of 2017, when a black woman in Tennessee sued her dermatologist for calling her racially charged name. While Carter’s dermatologist has apologized to her, the woman said she plans to file a formal complaint with the state medical board and seek an apology from the physician. Regardless of what the case ends up looking like, it’s a shocking and unfortunate incident.

Match Day

You’ve probably heard of Match Day, the day that medical students learn their fates in residency programs. The Match is a secret algorithm that decides where, when, and what kind of doctor you’ll become. But what exactly is it? What’s the point of all this fuss? Match Day cartoons are a lighthearted way to celebrate the occasion. Read on to learn more. And, if you’re still curious, here are some of our favorite Match Day dermatology cartoons!

Yuna Oh, 26, has been at Weill Cornell Medicine for five years and discovered her passion for dermatology while working on her research. She plans to continue working at the university for another four years, and will also complete her residency training at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Yuna Oh isn’t the only fifth-year student to learn how to cope with Match Day by looking at dermatology cartoons.

racial ethnic insult

A recent controversy erupted over the use of a “racist ethnic insult” in dermatology cartoons. A Memphis dermatologist apologized for using the name “Aunt Jemima” to describe an African American woman. The name derived from a minstrel show character and featured a black woman with a bandana in her hair. However, the Aunt Jemima logo has changed over the years. Some people want the company to stop using this racist, ethnic insult.

a joke

Have you ever wondered what a dermatology joke cartoon would look like? What would happen if your dermatologist had no wrinkle-removing treatments to offer you? Fortunately, a new wrinkle-removal method has been developed by a top dermatologist. This treatment involves placing a tiny knob on the back of your head, and pulling it back to get rid of wrinkles! How would this work, and where can you find this new technique?

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