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Why Choose Medical 3D Animation Company?

We Want to Earn Your Business This Time and Next Time.

Why Choose Medical 3D Animation Company you may ask? We will ALWAYS treat you as our priority.  You can talk to our CEO/Owner anytime.  We’ll assign an experienced Executive Producer to your account who will be in constant contact with you.  No question or concern will ever go unanswered. And that’s a seven days a week promise.

We Are Dedicated to Your Success.

We work hard to become a member of your team.  We value long-term relationships that build in helping our Customers be successful.  We worked with many of our clients for years and attribute our high client retention rate to our responsiveness to their marketing needs and consistent dedication to their ongoing success.  We’re serious when we should be, because great marketing can make the difference between life and death for some businesses and some budgets.  You should know, though, that we are sometimes really quite funny.  Hilarious really.  We’re nice to be around.  We enjoy the Customers with whom we work, and (not being conceited or anything) (ok pretty proud but not conceited), we think they enjoy us too.

We Don’t Charge for Everything.  Yes, some things are free.

Many studios charge for almost all of their time. We’re always available to build relationships and offer advice about your animation and graphics needs, and generally discuss your potential next project with us, without charge. We would welcome the opportunity to help you take your marketing or educational or training collateral to the next level and achieve your marketing goals. Medical 3d animation is the best solution then you want to tell a clear and concise visual story that is compelling, entertaining, and engaging.

Please Contact Us, Click HERE for a free consultation and proposal.


We Speak Medicalese with a Healthcare Accent.

Members of our staff are experienced in the healthcare field and are fluent in the rules, regulations, abbreviations, terminologies, procedures, anatomical and clinical Latin references, ethics, and yes, even the politics of healthcare delivery systems that impact the marketing practicalities of every shape and size.  So, talk freely to us, we speak your language.

We Listen in Your Language Too. So why choose a medical 3d animation company?

No one knows your goals and infrastructure as well as you do.  So we listen a lot. We ask many questions to be sure we understand what you need and when you need it.  For each project, we work with you to identify business objectives and goals and implement unique, custom, creative 3D and 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustrations, Scripting, and other tools tailored just for you.


Talented Designers & Experienced Writers, Marketers, and Animators

Our Animation team is led by an experienced specialist in Medical Animation.  There is virtually no device yet conceived, procedure yet conducted, disease, treatment, or surgical process yet known that he hasn’t put into pixels.  He’s supported by a talented team of writers, illustrators, artists, and marketing and web professionals.  If you can imagine it or do it, we can animate it.

Hundreds of Clients & Decades of Experience

Since 2007, Austin Visuals has helped hundreds of businesses, organizations, and healthcare Customers be successful with their marketing efforts.  We want to use this knowledge and expertise to help you take your business to the next level with results-driven marketing solutions.  If by now you’re saying, “well, there haven’t BEEN decades since 2007”, you’re right!  We are including the 20-plus years of experience of our lead Medical Animator, and the nearly 25 years of experience of our CMO who has been a public relations director, marketing director, VP of Strategy and Development, physician recruiter, hospital administrator, and consultant to surgery centers, specialty physician practices, surgical device manufacturers and allied health professionals.  

A Streamlined & Quality-Driven Process

Our processes ensure your project flows smoothly and efficiently.  We employ quality-control checklists throughout the process and will communicate with you on a regular basis about the ongoing status of your project.  We offer ideas, support, and input.  We also take criticism.  If something isn’t exactly what you need it to be, then it gets changed.  The goal is the best quality project on time and on budget.

We Make the Complex Seem Simple

There are many steps in the Animation process.  We’ll make sure you understand each one so you always feel like you know exactly what is happening and why.  We’ll go into as much detail as you like…but be warned, we love what we do and you might have to interrupt and say, ‘Ok I get it, I get it’ more than once.

And Also This

We’re also HUB certified as a Minority Owned Business.  That can be an advantage for you if your work involves government contracting or the FDA.

Did We Mention We WANT Your Business?

We do.  And we’ll work hard to earn it every day.