Video Project Overview

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    What are free radicals? Why are they damaging to the human body? And how does vitamin E and the other antioxidant nutrients help protect the body against free radical damage?  Medical 3D Animation Company created this video to help visualize free radicals with unpaired electron antioxidants.

    How Can Your Practice Use 3D Animation? Every patient can identify physicians who have the patience and skill to explain the complex in clear language, allowing the patient to make better decisions and have better control of life.

    The best doctors remember that their calling is not only to teach practitioners of the health sciences; it is their duty to teach their patients.   Those patients reward physicians with recommendations and referrals as well as the high satisfaction scores that are becoming more and more important in practice life.

    The use of 3D animation is not limited, of course, to the patient, but to passing along knowledge, introducing new techniques, and improving the skill level of practice employees and colleagues.

    Whether you are in the anatomy lab, the operating room, on the wards or in the clinics, practitioners senior to them, perhaps by only a year or maybe an entire career, are involved in teaching.  The entire profession is built on the premise; videre unum, noli unum, docent; see one, do one, teach one.

    Every physician participates continuously in this process. The fourth year medical student teaches the third, the senior resident the intern, the attending the fellow and the most senior practicing doctor often takes time to teach the most junior nurse.   Moreover, in an anti-hierarchical way, knowledge flows both up and down this path as the energy and innocence of youth combine with the wisdom of the old, to open new areas of learning and discovery.

    Physicians teach everywhere and by every means.  From small seminars to great lectures, from mentoring one to guiding many, from articles to books, in the hospital, clinic or office and most recently from single emails to blast blogs and websites that span the Internet.  Physicians are trained and nurtured by this process and in turn train and nurture those that follow.


    We create memorable, accurate and custom 3D Animation for every purpose.

    Medical 3d Animation Company brings you an experienced team of specialists including award-winning writers, animators, graphic designers, concept artists, producers, and technical directors. We specialize in healthcare related, scientifically accurate, high-quality, concept-to-launch 3D animation, architectural renderings, television commercials, web commercials, videography, live video  and visual effects for a local and global client base.

    • Traditional media advertising plays well with digital media – To listen to industry buzz, it’s tempting to think that traditional media—print, direct mail, television, etc.—has been eradicated by the youthful and online options such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, websites, content generation and the wildly popular forms of social media. In fact, one solution is rarely the answer. A well-tuned advertising plan will integrate the strengths of both traditional and digital media.
    • Follow your target audience(s) – The changes in healthcare are tightly connected to how the consumer (patient) is changing, where and how they find medical information, and their provider- and hospital-selection process. To be effective, hospital advertising must adopt flexibility, adapting to changing habits, dynamic lifestyles and new attitudes of the intended audience groups. Media selection is part of “fishing where the fish are.”
    • Step away from your comfort zone – Marketing-savvy hospital executives are often open-minded and willing to test new advertising territory. Institutions (such as hospitals), however, are often more deeply entrenched in familiar ways and thus are less flexible about moving out of their comfort zone. What’s more, it can be difficult to build consensus among a population of physicians, staff members and thought leaders.
    • Patient groups are not strangers to change, new ideas and new means of communication. And, to keep pace with them, growth (and the success of new advertising ideas) requires a willingness to test and apply concepts, even when they are outside of well-worn comfort zones.
    • Medicine is a profession, but healthcare is a business – There is no stronger evidence of success than proven, quantifiable results. Navigating the dynamics of near-constant change, winning support throughout the organization and achieving positive cultural changes are the products of carefully documented Return on Investment (ROI). Specific, business-oriented results are the measure of success in hospital advertising.

    By definition, advertising is the professional and compelling application of targeted campaigns that effectively market your brand and achieve specific, measurable goals.

    Medical 3d Animation Company – is home to a powerhouse team of elite Animation Experts that specialize in producing high-quality, concept-to-launch 3D animation, architectural renderings, television commercials, web commercials, videography, and visual effects deliverables for a local and global client base. Our team of specialists include award-winning animators, graphic designers, concept artists, producers, and technical directors integrating experienced veterans with innovative young talent from the world’s most prestigious animation educational programs. The core of the company’s talent pool draws from the most creative, innovative, and skilled artists in the world.

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