Striving for Excellence

We are always looking for top talent. Do you have more than 5 years experience in your field? Do you outperform your peers in your work constantly? Are you able to keep organized when given a large variety of tasks daily? If the answer is yes to all of these, we want to talk to you!

We are open to reviewing top talent. Since we are generally always growing, don’t always have time to update which job openings we have so we’re listing the typical positions that we may need top performers in. If you see a position that is YOU, please apply. If we happen to have the need at the time, we will definitely reach out to you. If we don’t have the need at the time, your application will go into our database for the next time we have a need.

We are a team oriented culture. We’re intelligent problem solvers. We are motivated individuals, and we come from a diverse background of top performers. We love learning and improving everything around us. Best of all we are Family to each other. We take a collaborative approach and are always putting our best effort into every challenge we solve, whether that is art or business related. We would be excited to have additional team mates that think similarly, yet still take a ‘think outside the box’ approach.

Here is a list of typical positions we are always looking for top talent in:

  • 3D Medical Animator (Generalist) – 5 Years+ experience minimum, 7-10+ years preferred ( School doesn’t count )
  • Creative  (Good understanding of colour, lighting, animating, rendering, modeling, etc)
  • 3D Medical Animator (Specialist) – 5 Years+ experience minimum, 7-10+ years preferred ( School doesn’t count ) – If you have a specific kind of Medical Animation you do, let’s chat!
  • Scientific Account Director (cell or molecular biology PhD with some editorial experience)
  • Medical Illustrator – 7 years minimum experience
  • Social Media Specialist
  • VP of Business Development
  • Production Assistant
  • Medical Animation Sales


If any of the above positions look attractive to you and you think you may be a great fit for our team, we offer full time and part time employment. Remote or On-Site work is available. When submitting your job application please note : Our Human Resource Director looks through the talent list frequently. We apologize in advance if you don’t hear back from us if you’re not an immediate fit. We stay busy focused on customer projects they take top priority.


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